trigger me
An idea machine

that inspires without end. Easy to apply creative methods generate impulses, whet your appetite for new ideas and most importantly: they really work. Fast. Again and again.

Finding & understanding fantastic ideas

100 excellent creative projects in advertising, marketing, design and art, illustrate the thinking strategies of top creative individuals in a very entertaining way while making the patterns of great ideas transparent. Open your very own idea fields without copying those of others.

3 Creative Techniques

trigger me offers 3 simple creative methods that playfully encourage you to changes in perspective and to finding new links.
The result: surprising ideas above and beyond the usual clichés.

1. Kickstart Questions

100 questions that provoke surprising ways of thinking and inspire truly personal ideas.

2. Mind Jumble Pictures

Random images can be arranged into almost infinite combinations to produce new associations and free thinking.

3. Mind Jumble Words

Unusual word creations lead your project to completely unique concepts that no one else has thought of before.

Quick Inspirations for Creative Meetings

50 quick inspirations should provoke and inspire – a multitude of ideas are set free by encouraging new forms of creative meetings and showing you the most effective ways out of old "thinking routines“.

Making creative meetings come to life

A total of 50 minutes of video material casually make trigger me into an entertaining creative workshop. Mario Pricken not only explains his own creative methods, he also provides useful information on how one can use them in practice in one’s creative life.

trigger me
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The Origin

The standard work in the creative industries, seemingly countless seminars with around 8,000 participants from the creative industries, more than one year of technical development...

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Creative Advertising
The book

The international bestseller, the standard work in the creative industries. With countless tips and inspiring exercises.

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Trainings & Workshops

How does your team get the best ideas out of the trigger me App? Here you'll find in-house workshops and training sessions on topics such as creativity techniques, idea management and product innovation:

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New ideas develop

Alone or in a team setting, you decide how you would like to use this "idea machine". The trigger me methods have been used by professional marketing, advertising, design and media teams for many years. Now it’s your turn!